The costs of doing business in Wythe County are quite competitive. Low tax rates coupled with a pro-business environment work to make your operation here run less expensively as it might elsewhere.


A conservative tax scheme has been established throughout Wythe County which keeps a business’s overhead lower. A look at property tax rates in surrounding counties reveals that Wythe County’s is the lowest (ranging from a few cents to nearly a dollar less). You’ll find the Machine and Tools tax also to be competitive. Tax rates can be found here.


So much discussion surrounds incentives when projects are developed. Often, when deeper research is done, many incentives are purely window dressing. In Virginia and especially Wythe County, frivolous incentives aren’t considered. Meaningful, substantial programs have been developed.

Depending on the type, location, and size of investment, various state and local incentives can be brought to bear on a project, adding real value. Locations within our Enterprise Zone give access to the largest, most comprehensive set of incentives including cash grants, job training assistance, real property improvements grants, reduced fees, expedited permitting, real estate discounts, and much more. Visit our Enterprise Zone section to learn more about this special set of features offered in Wythe County in conjunction with the Commonwealth of Virginia.


If you look at Wythe County’s Progress Park, you’ll find that several sites are ready to build. Often thrown around, “ready to build” means something here. All necessary environmental permitting has been undertaken and Wythe County will expedite your building plan approvals. In fact, a virtual building is already permitted and approved to be built on Lot 8. Graded, permitted lots range in acreage from 5+ to 166+ (excluding acreage beyond the graded pad). We are ready to grow with your company.

We have engineering firms we work with regularly, so let us show you what your building scheme might look like on a lot in Progress Park. Just contact us!


Our utilities partners are interested in a robust business environment as well and will work with you to meet your needs in a most economical way. Let us introduce you.


A low cost of living (86 out of a US average of 100) coupled with reasonable wages means your wage dollars stretch further here.


Wythe County’s critical location within one to two days driving distance to half the American population helps control shipping costs. Our location on I-77 brings locales in the southeast and in the midwest much closer and I-81 gives you quick access to the Northeast and mid-south. Both highways are minutes from any locale in our area.

Rail access, air access, and access to the Port of Virginia are all easy from this crossroads location. We’ll happily show you how our location can grant you unparalleled access to markets while simultaneously controlling your costs.