Interstates 81 and 77 converge here and carry approximately 60-70,000 cars per day. These major routes connect the coastal south and greater southeast to the entire northeast and near-midwest. Connection between cities like Detroit and Charleston, Washington, DC, and Atlanta, and Charlotte and Cleveland means you’ll pass through Wythe County.

In fact, we’re located halfway between the Canadian border and Florida as well as between many industrial centers and Eastern ports in Norfolk, Wilmington, Charleston, and Philadelphia.

A robust service system exists for the travelling and transporting public in our area and competitive fuel prices add to the convenience.


Norfolk Southern’s main line (Crescent Corridor) runs adjacent to Progress Park and through Wythe County. Several industries in our area use rail extensively, including Amcor Rigid Plastics, PepsiCo, and others. Double-stacked and intermodal cars are numerous that pass through this area.

Rail-served sites are available in Wythe County, including the premier large industrial acreage known as Lot 24 in Progress Park. In fact, an embankment to Lot 24 is in place for spur rail service and Wythe County will work with an industry to complete the track to the building as needs dictate.

The Heartland Corridor connects the busy Port of Virginia with Chicago and the Midwest and is the largest rail project of the past century. Our rail line connects directly with this double-stacked intermodal route and takes a day off the transit time between the East Coast and the Midwest. This saves time and money.