Quality of Life

Balance is a recurring theme when people reflect on what makes for a pleasant existence. Work, leisure, family time, personal time, volunteer time, and many more factors contribute to the balance equation.

People realize that quality of life and the experience of living somewhere greatly contributes to the contentment that many seek.

Proudly, we know that a balanced life can be achieved in greater Wythe County with very little effort.

We enjoy four distinct seasons that are bounded by winters with a little snow and warm summery days that aren’t oppressively hot.

Our surroundings are unparalleled. The beauty of our ridges, valleys, and rolling hills isn’t mimicked anywhere else. From dense woodland and rushing streams to mountain peaks and caves, the natural environment here is accessible and authentic, honed over many centuries.

Small town charm is easy to find in Wytheville and Rural Retreat and rural friendliness still is practiced on a daily basis. You’ll find folks that are welcoming and warm around every corner.

History and modernity coexist here. We are rich in historic resources and many folks have deep roots here. Simultaneously, we enjoy conveniences that make any town modern.

We’re also accessible to urban areas and resort areas for those times when a change of pace is needed. You can be at the beach in just a few hours or in an urban city center in two. Our access to so many points make this a convenient place to live, too.

We invite you to come sample life here in Wythe County for yourself and see how you, your company, and your employees could enjoy calling this place home.

Please contact JIDA staff if you’d like to learn more.

For travel information: www.visitwytheville.com and www.visitwythe.us