In Wythe County and within normal commuting distance, you’ll find a workforce that is both skilled and hard-working.  Best of all, they are eager to help your business succeed while providing a good life for themselves and their families.

Manufacturing is the largest private employment sector in Wythe County, followed by retail, travel-related services, and health care and personal services.

Our unemployment rate is low (nearly parallel to the national average), but there’s still available labor – a best case scenario.  Wythe County’s population is growing, unlike many localities in this region, providing a labor pool that is increasing.  Currently, 834+ business find workforce in Wythe County and its surrounding areas with over 13,200 people gainfully employed.

Partners in workforce issues and training include the Virginia Career Works New River/Mt. Rogers Region, Wytheville Community College, the Virginia Employment Commission, Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing, and the SVAM Center of Excellence.

The JIDA can help make connections with your company to those agencies and programs that can add value to your bottom line.  Just ask us.