Business Resources

If you’re in business in Wythe County, Wytheville, or Rural Retreat right now, you’re a critical part of what makes our communities vital. The importance of the economic impact of our resident businesses and industry cannot be overstated. From small shops to large advanced manufacturing facilities, we support all business.

The JIDA stands ready to work with your organization to ensure that the success you seek is the success you achieve.  We can offer access to a vast array of resources keep your business growing in Wythe County.

How might our office help?

  • Act as a liaison between your company and local, state, or federal agencies
  • Introduce you to financing options that might be otherwise unknown
  • Recommend professional service providers
  • Make introductions to other businesses with which some commonalities might exist
  • We invite you to join the Wythe Manufacturing Roundtable to discuss best practices with cohorts
  • Collect and share data on labor markets, international trade, product demand, and much more
  • Connect you with job training resources, workforce development programs, and other sources of skill development and skilled employees

These are just a few ways the JIDA can work with you for success.

“I am grateful for the support that we receive on the state, county and town levels to make this project possible. That support has played an important role in making Wytheville the location of choice for our Group’s U.S. center of excellence.”

Alexander Hagemann, Schaffner Group CEO

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