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Expansion & Support

When your business is ready to grow, the JIDA is ready to partner with you to ensure success. We have established relationships with a variety of agencies, banks, alternative capital sources, advisors, and much more.

Your expansion might entitle your company to incentives at the state or local level. Contact us to find out. If you’re in an Enterprise Zone, you’ll find a whole host of appealing incentives for a growing business.

For smaller operations, the JIDA administers a revolving loan program that features local service, low interest rates, and appreciates the entrepreneurial spirit.

If there are needs that must be fulfilled or impediments that must be removed before your business can grow, please bring us into the conversation. Our office will do its best to facilitate or make connections to help continue the path of growth your company needs.

We don’t claim to have all the answers.

What we do claim is that we will either find out the answer or put you in touch with someone that knows it.

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