Why Wythe

Competitive Advantages

If one hundred people were asked to name characteristics of an ideal location for a major facility, a pattern would emerge.  Words you’d see repeated include: 

In fact, we know these are all priorities when decision-makers and those that help formulate those decisions consider certain areas for expansion and development.

Here in Wythe County you’ll find that all those criteria met and met with vigor. Our leadership realized years ago that economic growth won’t take place without significant investment in land and infrastructure. Long term viability of our towns and communities depend on it. Fortunately, investment has been made and robust infrastructure is available on sites that allow easy access to many major markets. We are competitive in both regulatory and tax structures due to pro-business attitudes, and concerted efforts are made keep costs under control. We have a workforce that features trained workers, trainable workers, and expertise at all levels. Best of all, it’s a willing workforce with competitive economic advantages, as well.

Finally, people enjoy living here. Life here can be as busy or as simple as one wants. Metropolitan areas and access to transportation hubs are not far.  Wide open spaces, wilderness, trails, and wildlife coexist throughout our area with our residents. You can live in town, in the country, or on a mountain ridge and be just minutes from work. We’d love for you to visit and see.

We realize that lots of places claim to have “it all.” We also know that what we have here is something that will contribute to your business’s success while providing a pleasant way of life for those that work with you.

Wythe County is ready to demonstrate how your business can succeed here. Give us the opportunity and we know you’ll be impressed.