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The Wythe Manufacturing Roundtable (WMR) is an informal gathering of managers from Wythe County’s manufacturers. The group convenes to address issues of importance to the local manufacturing community and networks on a regular basis.

Workforce development has been one of the top focuses of the council since its initial organization over fifteen years ago. The council early on initiated a scholarship program to aid Wythe County students in pursuing manufacturing-related studies at Wytheville Community College. The council was also influential in the establishment of a career coaching program in the middle and high schools and the implementation of a manufacturing technology program in the public school system.

More recently, the WMR has worked with faculty and staff of Wythe County Public Schools as well as the workforce development staff at Wytheville Community College to evaluate current and proposed technical and academic programs applicable to manufacturing. The Roundtable and its partners want the strongest possible approaches in workforce training to maximize the relevance of skills and meet demands both current and anticipated.

Currently, working with local and state officials, the Joint IDA and its WMR are working to establish an internship and apprenticeship program that will benefit both students and our business community.

The council is led by a chairman and vice-chairman with staff support provided by the Joint Industrial Development Authority. For additional information, please contact the Joint Industrial Development Authority at (276) 223-3370 or

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Engage with Virginia Tech Engineering

Matt Earnest, Director of the Center for High Performance Manufacturing, joins the Wythe Manufacturing Roundtable to discuss opportunities for collaboration through Virginia Tech’s Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.


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