A full suite of world-class infrastructure is available in Wythe County, Virginia, that isn’t found everywhere else.


Appalachian Power, a division of American Electric Power, provides abundant, reliable electricity to Wythe County via a robust system of substations, transmission lines, and parallel supply paths.  Progress Park is currently served by a dual feed of 138-kV electricity with a third under construction.  A designated substation serves the park and its customers’ needs with the ability to add additional 100MW+ stations.

The JIDA has a strong working relationship with its electricity partner at Appalachian Power. If you have questions about electrical capabilities, please contact us and we will determine answers to even the most complex questions.



Interstate transmission lines cross Wythe County and bringing an abundant supply of this critical fuel.  Our premier industrial sites at Progress Park have access to a 24” transmission line and an on-site reducing station.  Internal steel and/or plastic distribution lines serve specific needs of the park tenants. Both interruptible and non-interruptible service is available through our partners at Atmos Energy and Enbridge.  Capacity currently exceeds 65,000 Dth/d.

If your project has any specific natural gas needs, let us know. We have years of experience working with energy providers to meet a corporate client’s demands.


Providers such as CenturyLink, Citizens, and Shentel provide world-class communications capacity in Wythe County. Fiber optic service include redundant service in Progress Park and an on-site point-of-presence (POP).  Expandable bandwidth (up to 50 gigabit) allows for any type of project that has significant data transmission needs.  The sky is essentially limitless, as our fiber providers have multiple interconnectivity points with the greater global network.

Let us help illustrate how your needs can be met.


Two providers, the Town of Wytheville and the New River Regional Water Authority supply Progress Park via two 16” supply lines from the north and from the south. Water reliability is very high and there is a significant amount of water capacity within the current system capabilities.  Currently, 3.75 MGD is available with expandability to 10 MGD.


The Town of Wytheville has a 4 MGD activated sludge wastewater treatment facility. Wythe County has a 1.5 MGD sequencing batch reactor wastewater treatment facility that services Progress Park. A new 24″ interceptor line between Progress Park and Max Meadows was recently completed, underscoring the area’s commitment to robust infrastructure. Existing capacity exceeds 1.5 MGD with expandability to 2.5 MGD.