Press Release

Joint IDA of Wythe County Presents Industry Tenure Awards

WYTHEVILLE—The Joint Industrial Development Authority recently presented tenure awards (recognizing five-year increments) for 2011 to several Wythe County industries. These awards were presented at a special luncheon held at the Wytheville Meeting Center on January 27, 2011. Travis Jackson, Area Director, USDA Rural Development, was the keynote speaker. Wytheville Office Supply sponsored the luncheon.

The following companies received acknowledgment for their contributions to the community over extended periods of time for 2011: 5-year award—Amcor Rigid Plastics; 10-year award—Somic America, Inc., Mid-Atlantic Manufacturing & Hydraulics,Inc.; 15-year award—Oak Hall Industries; 20-year award—Acrylife, Inc., EID, Inc.; 25-year award—Tectonics, Inc., Simply Home, G & W Manufacturing, Inc.; 30-year award—Austinville Limestone Company, Inc; 35-year award—SPX Process Equipment; 40-year award—JAVATEC, Inc.; 50-year award—Pacific Alliance (formerly Donnkenny)